Lifestyle 5-18


Five Core Values 


Health and Longevity

At our core values we believe in a healthy lifestyle, and celebrate longevity for our family and friends.


One of the fundamentals of human life is nature. We are a part of nature, and as such we must live within the nature around us.


Art and Poetry

We express ourselves in many ways. Art and poetry allow for our own expression, but also for it’s own interpretation.


Philosophy of Money

We do believe money is very important in our life.However, we do have a faith in doing good for other people and bring technologies and expertise to the communities and and share each other our individualism and personal experience which enrich our lives and society. Many successful millionaires from our associates and partners build up their careers in solid foundation in serving, caring and loving people, assisting and coaching those in need of help while wealth is accumulated and collected through good faith business practices and well-regulated programs and partners around the globe.

Realizations of Dreams

What we take greatest pride in our professional practice is our true record in training individuals in realizing their life long dreams, bringing up their full potential as everyone has talent, and every one needs attention, recognition and promotion. Most important of all, all these talents, technologies, expertise and experience must be fully utilized and paid fairly with residual income and certain benefits as ascribed by laws of rules and company’s policy. We have a huge list of successful name list of millionaires and multi-millionaires in distributing our CPTS core wellness hi-tech and patented protected formula. This part only opened to our registered members only.